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We take old Arctic Flamingo leggings that you no longer like or want back. We clean them, and repair them if needed, and sell them in our second-hand online shop and give the leggings a new life as second-hand yoga leggings. The leggings that cannot be repaired, we remake them into one-of-a-kind designs!


Putting used leggings back into use helps us keep our clothes out of the landfill or burning and avoids the need to make new products.

We'll refund the cost of sending your leggings to us AND give you a discount code for 20% off!

Here’s how it works: please contact us [email protected] in order to agree about the delivery of the leggings. We’ll refund the cost of sending your old leggings to us or if you are based in Germany, we email you a shipping label! We also give you a 20% discount code for purchases in our online shop – In case you would like to buy a replacing pair of Arctic Flamingos. Best for the environment if you use your discount in our second hand shop! As soon as we have cleaned and repaired your old leggings, we find them another home through our second-hand shop.

Second Hand Yoga Clothes Factory Seconds Arctic Flamingo
In our 2nd Life online shop we sell also leggings with printing errors and leggings made of leftover fabric (on the right).

Why donate your leggings to our second hand shop?

Let’s admit it, it sometimes happens; You no longer wear your Arctic Flamingo yoga leggings, your size has changed, you don’t love the colour anymore, you simply want to clean your closet, your taste in clothing has changed over time! Whatever the reason may be, we want to offer you an easy way to find a new home for your old yoga leggings you no longer need.

We sell in our 2nd Life shop not only second-hand leggings but also samples and factory seconds, and one-of-a-kind yoga leggings made of rest fabrics or upcycled from leggings that are beyond repair.

Second-Hand Yoga Leggings. We-take-your-old-leggings-back!

Why buy 2nd Life Leggings?

You can give leggings a second life! Buying a pair of second hand leggings means one less new item that had to be made, lightening the load on our planet.

We truly believe fashion industry (among other things) needs to change and want to do our part in order to change the culture of consumerism. We think we should share, re-use and upcycle the materials and products that already exist, instead of producing new. We hope to see you join us! Every time you choose to send us your used Arctic Flamingo leggings or shop in our 2nd Life shop, you’re helping upend the conventional cycle of consumerism and creating a future without waste.

Inkeri from Arctic Flamingo Leggings



Posted by Inkeri, the founder of Arctic Flamingo