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We believe sustainability goes hand-in-hand with transparency and you always want to know what you are actually spending your money on and how much of it is going where.


First Things First: All our leggings are made in Germany

Compared to most of the other yoga brands, the cost of labor (cutting & sewing) has a comparatively high share in our business. This is because we manufacture all our yoga clothes in Germany. Also for all other materials (fabrics, labels, tags, shipping supplies, etc.) we choose only high quality, ecological and sustainable materials sourced in Germany, Italy, Austria and the Netherlands.

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What makes up the cost?

Above you can see the general structure of how our price for any of our colorful printed leggings is made up! The structure would be slightly different for our black leggings.

Manufacturing – This includes fabrics, tags, printing, cutting, and sewing of the leggings

Shipping – Includes a pouch made of fabric rests we ship our leggings in, costs for shipping, and shipping supplies

Payment fees – Includes fees for payment providers we use: Paypal, Stripe

Other expenses/For Arctic Flamingo – There are a number of other costs, these include product development, platform fees (Etsy, Avocadostore, Planetics), costs of returns, website maintenance, costs for bookkeeping, my salary, software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Billbee, IT-security, etc.), and all other running costs

No paid advertisement

In contrast to many other brands, Arctic Flamingo don’t do any paid advertisement and I don’t need to include any marketing budget in our price calculation. We do not want to convince you with expensive paid advertising, but with a good product with a good story! Huge savings for Arctic Flamingo is also that I do all photography myself and I run everything (including shipping and inventory) from my home. Arctic Flamingo is a bootstrapped business, meaning I have relied on my own savings and revenue to operate and expand and it has teached to use the resources wisely.

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Posted by Inkeri, the founder of Arctic Flamingo