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[Unpaid Ad] The ingredients that make up the magical yoga retreat in Finnish Lapland: Meditation under Midnight sun and sleeping between the trees in a Tentsile floating tree tent. Daily yoga, hiking in the forest, creative painting and writing, sauna and silence. You can’t get much more close to nature, than this!


Nightless Night in Lapland is a magical time – midnight sun, enchanting light and mystical haze, glow of nature, the glory on all fields of life. In Ivalo, this sunrise takes more than two months – and what better time it would be for a retreat than during that period. When the power of light is at its most magical and the heat of summer present.

Tuesday 9th - Sunday 14th July 2019 & Tuesday 23rd - Sunday 27th July 2019

Summer is the time to let go of the past, to celebrate the fire inside us, to strengthen our internal fire. With it, we will break away from everything that no longer serves us, cleanse the body, mind and soul, and give room for new winds.


Ivalo Yoga’s Nightless Retreats are designed for everyone, regardless of your previous yoga background. The topics of retreat are firmly related to physical and psychological development of one self, deep cleaning of the body and mind, and learning how to harness creativity, gentleness and inner power into our daily lives. This is done through a daily practise of yoga, mindful painting and writing, forest hikes and traditional finnish sauna.

Retreats are aimed at anyone interested in self-development and well-being. Whether you were on your first steps of yoga journey or practiced for years, you will have a joyful experience.

Retreats are organised in collaboration with Forrest Gamp Lapland – Resort, which cherishes the peace and sustainable development of nature.

Accommodation takes place in authentic 2-person Tentsile tents, covered from the weather. During the retreat, participants will have a spacious glazed summer kitchen with a terrace, an outdoor sauna with a dressing room, and other facilities such as a covered yoga patio in their usage.

Arctic Nightless Night Yoga Retreat is organized by Riina Laitinen, a certified yoga teacher based in Ivalo. Riina specialises in teaching Vinyasa yoga by offering regular classes, workshops and bespoke retreats. She is fluent in English, and has gathered a wide range of experience from yogic studies that has lead to her graduation as a Vinyasa yoga teacher in the Spring of 2018, in Chamonix, France.


Price 875€/person
All inclusive 5 day-retreat.

To book your space or for more information, email [email protected]. €200 non refundable deposit to be paid to secure booking, full price to be paid 1 month prior to start date. The maximum number of participants for each retreat is 12 people. Places will be filled in the order of registration. Reservations are final and the booking fee will not be refunded. For more information and schedule, other retreats and workshops, visit

Looking forward to share the magic of Lapland with you! Hoping to hear from you soon, Riina from Ivalo Yoga

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