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[Unpaid Ad]  Our tip for recharge and rest in the most silent and clean surroundings in Europe: ARCTIC LIGHT – Summer yoga retreat in north of Finland


Where and when?

The best place to experience midnight sun is Lapland. Arctic Light Summer Retreat is organized in Finnish Lapland, in Saariselkä. It will happen in the period of nightless nights when the sun doesn’t set below the horizont.  The yoga retreat takes place from Wednesday 24th June till Sunday 28th of June.


For whom is this retreat for?

This retreat are aimed at anyone interested in self-development and well-being. Whether you are on your first steps of yoga journey or practiced for years, you will get a lot out of the retreat. The topics of retreat are firmly related to physical and psychological development of one self, deep cleaning of the body and mind, and learning how to harness creativity, gentleness and inner power into our daily lives.

What does it cost?

This 5 day yoga retreat cost 945€ – 1495€. Get the advantage of early bird price by booking before 29th of February!

Besides yoga, what activities are offered?

Besides daily practise of yoga, we do mindful painting and creative writing, forest hikes and evenings you can visit the heat of traditional finnish sauna. Lapland is a wonderful place just to enjoy the silence and quiet unspoiled nature.


Accommodation & Food

Accommodation takes place in a beautiful 400m2 log house Chalet Skábma, where you have the option to choose either shared/private double room accommodation. There are 2 Saunas in the Chalet that can both be used during the Retreat, every evening before dinner. Spacious lounge offers you plenty of space to relax, read a book, share a conversation or have a nap between our morning and evening activities.

Our delicious meals (Breakfast & Dinner included) will be cooked for us from local, self-collected goods as much as possible. In Lapland the land provides people with a big part of our dietary, including different berries, mushrooms, fresh, free fish from clean lakes – and this will be present in our menu too. Vegetarian and vegan options will be offered, just let us know your dietary requirements in advance.


Who is organizing this retreat? 

Arctic Nightless Night Yoga Retreat is organized by Riina Laitinen from Ivalo Yoga, a certified yoga teacher based in Ivalo, Finland and Chamonix, France. Riina specialises in teaching Vinyasa yoga by offering regular classes, workshops and bespoke retreats. She is fluent in English, and Finnish of course. For all information about the retreat, please visit her website here. 

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