[Unpaid Ad] Sustainable textiles and ethical manufacturing is a no-brainer for us! All our leggings are made of recycled nylon. We think using recycled fibres reduces our dependence on petroleum as a raw material source, and is the best way to reduce the impact of synthetic textile production from yoga leggings.

Why Econyl-Turtle Yoga-Leggings-Arctic-Flamingo

Nylon we use is called ECONYL® yarn and regenerated nylon from pre- and post-consumer nylon waste. Pre-consumer waste can be production discards, industrial plastic components and textile scraps. Post-consumer waste is in fact waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills or abandoned in nature with big environmental problems. With the ECONYL® process, this material can be recovered – e.g. from carpet fluff (the upper part of carpets), abandoned or spent fishing nets (from all over the world) – and regenerated, giving it a new lease of life and contributing to a cleaner environment.

Nylon may be man-made and made out of oil, but reusing existing nylon makes a massive difference to its environmental impact, reducing the amount that goes to landfill. Recycling nylon helps promote new recycling streams for nylon products that are no longer usable, and reduces air, water, and soil contamination.

Arctic Flamingo leggings are made from waste such as discarded fishing nets from the oceans and carpet fluff destined to landfill.

Using recycled nylon we have a double advantage for the environment. On one hand, waste material that would otherwise remain waste in the environment is used, and from the other side, precious fossil raw materials that are normally used in the production of nylon is saved. Head over to the ECONYL® site to learn more about their process and the other innovative and interesting products that have been made with this incredible fibre!


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