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We´ve got a few tips for taking care of your yoga leggings made from recycled nylon! Learn how to wash your yoga leggings to make them look like new and last longer.

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Line drying is by far the best way to dry your clothes.

It´s easy to take care of Arctic Flamingo leggings! All our leggings are made from recycled nylon called Econyl® and the fabric is very durable, and resists stains and fading. In general, we think we are used to wash our clothes much more than is actually necessary! The instructions below can also be used to wash pretty much anything that is made from synthetic material. Here are few tips to keep your leggings look good for a long time:

1.AFTER A SWEATY SESSION, HANG YOUR YOGA LEGGINGS TO DRY! Don`t throw the clothes in the hamper or keep the sweaty clothes in the bag longer than necessary!

2. IS IT REALLY NECESSARY TO WASH? To air your yoga clothes is often enough.

3. WASH LESS! Our favourite tip for many reasons: – Washing less saves energy and water. – It makes clothes last longer. – It minimizes microfibres reaching the water! – It saves your time!

4. WASH WITH OTHER SYNTHETICS. Make sure to wash your leggings with other synthetics to prevent any snags from rougher fabrics.

5. USE A MICROFIBER CATCHING WASHING BAG. Wash your synthetic clothes in the same load, then it´s easy to use a washing bag like Guppyfriend to prevent microfibers reaching the waterways.


6. WASH COLD. 30 or 40 degrees is enough.

7. WASH FULL LOADS. It saves energy and your money.

8. SKIP FABRIC SOFTENER! It can damage fabric with elastane and we think you don´t need it anyway because it´s bad for the environment.

9. CHOOSE AN ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY DETERGENT and go easy on it! Less is enough!

10. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY! Line drying is by far the best way to dry your clothes. It’s better for your clothes and the environment. If you don’t have the possibility to line dry your clothes outside it is just as easy to hang them to dry indoors. Avoid tumble drying since this can damage or shrink the fabric and uses a lot of excess energy.

Wash all your synthetic clothes together and use a microfiber catching washing bag.

Inkeri from Arctic Flamingo Leggings



Posted by Inkeri, the founder of Arctic Flamingo