Read our tips and ideas for sustainable and green gifts for your yoga friend or favourite yoga teacher – Christmas or not!

Nachhaltige Geschenkidee für yogis

Check out our low-impact gift ideas and make your next gift a green gift that gives without taking so much! [ Branded content ]


Give a great book a second life

What about gifting a book that you´ve bought for yourself and you find inspiring? Share the good with your friend, write a little note on the first page and make it personal. Your friend will get a good read and the book a great second life!

A Class pass to yoga studio

What’s the best way to become a better yogi? By taking different yoga classes with a variety of instructors! Surprise your yoga friend with a class pass or drop in pass to yoga studio where she/he normally doesn’t attend yoga classes. Make it perfect by coming to classes together and enjoy brunch or dinner together after class!
Give your favourite book a second life and gift it to your friend! Adding a note makes this gift very personal!

Magazine Subscription, print or online

Give the gift of a magazine subscription (online version most eco-friendly option!) and help your friend enjoy their favourite hobby. A magazine subscription makes the perfect gift as it’s the gift which keeps on giving.

Washing bag against microplastic pollution

Guppyfriend is a washing bag developed by STOP! Micro Waste which is a nonprofit initiative and is dedicated to raise awareness about the (micro)plastic problem. They aim to explore and initiate great ideas on how to avoid, replace and re-use plastics in every day life and beyond. Must respect their work! From now on you can buy a Guppyfriend also at Arctic Flamingo online-shop.

Handpicked Playlist

Gift a self-curated music playlist on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music for the dear person in your life. The playlist should only be relevant to the person receiving and that person alone. When making your selection, focus on tracks that come with stories and personal memories – and how about writing down your reasons for selecting these songs and getting it printed?


Ecofriendly gift ideas for yogis, gift tips for yogis
The Guppyfriend microfibre catching washingbag is a great gift for anyone using synthetic yogaleggings!

Yoga Headstand Stool made in Germany

Headstand stool is great for easy inversions without pressure on neck and spine. If you decide to purchase a headstand stool as a gift, choose an eco-responsible manufacturer like SIYA from Berlin. All Stools are made by a small family businesses in Germany from sustainable resources and are very durable. Show your support for small transparent manufacturers!

Yoga and mindfulness jewelry

Yoga mala can be a tool for meditation, a reminder of an intention or a beautiful piece of jewelry that simply gives inspiration. Choose to support your local artisan mala maker like Coco & Lime who make mala jewelry with lots of love and passion!

Headstandstool from SIYA, Leggings from Arctic Flamingo. Both sustainably made in Germany! Malas by Coco and Lime are handmade in Austria.

Subscription for online yoga classes

For a friend who has an interest in yoga but starting a yoga practice feels overwhelming, a subscription for online yoga classes would be a great gift! Streaming yoga videos at home is an easy way to start with yoga.

Recycled Yoga Leggings

For someone who loves to stand out from the crowd a pair of bold coloured yoga leggings is a great gift! Arctic Flamingo has an online shop with unique colourful designs which are all a real eye-catcher. The best part is that all Arctic Flamingo leggings are made from recycled materials and manufactured in Germany. Can´t decide which leggings to choose or you need to get the present delivered fast? Buy an electronic gift card and just pick the value of the card and let the person choose her/himself!

Give a gift that keeps growing – Plant a tree

By offering a tree as a gift, you are making a real gift for the planet! There are plenty of organizations focusing on planting trees around the world. We are using Tree Nation, a non-profit organization based in Barcelona, for planting our trees. You can choose your budget and how many trees to plant and where. What about planting a tree in Brazil?

Sweatshirt made of textile waste

Perfect for a yin yoga class where you want to stay warm. Pure Waste from Finland manufactures sweatshirts made of 100% textile waste. They have perfect loose fit and great quality. Great tip also for men yogis!

Eco-Friendly Gift ideas for yogis
Both leggings from Arctic Flamingo, Sweater from Pure Waste. All made from recycled materials!

Closed-loop yoga mat

If your friend is in need of a new yoga mat, the yoga mats from hejhej-mats is a must! Have you ever thought what happens to your old used yoga mat after its so called life? Hejhej-mats has developed the closed-loop yoga mat, which means your used hejhej-mat do not have to end up as waste but can be used as a resource for new products. Designed and made in Germany!

Meditation Pillow

Yogapillows (or Meditation pillows) from Goldwerk Schliersee are handmade in Bayern, Germany. Meditation pillows come in many cute prints it would be a perfect gift for a friend who wants to make meditation a daily habit!

Meditationpillow and Yogamat both are made in Germany and are great gifts to inspire your friend to do more yoga.
Meditationpillow and Yogamat both are made in Germany and are great gifts to inspire your friend to do more yoga.

Other tips for an eco-friendly gift

– Use newspaper as gift wrapping or reuse gift wrapping papers you have saved from last year. Decorate the presents with things you can find in nature, like pieces of wood or rye straws
– Recycle the wrapping

Inkeri from Arctic Flamingo Leggings




Written by Inkeri, the founder of Arctic Flamingo