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Fashion used to have two seasons: spring/summer and fall/winter, then it became four seasons, then every week. A seasonless collection gives our customers more time to think about purchases. If a style is only available for a short time, you tend to feel as though you have to buy it immediately which can result in impulse purchases that might rarely get worn.


We like to freestyle with our designs

Arctic Flamingo don’t create new collections or seasons regularly, I release new designs and products when I feel inspired and when I think I’ve found something beautiful, be it a color or a combination of colours or a pattern! I don`t want to create new things just because the fashion system tells me to do it. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas and keeping my eyes open for new and I have lots of inspirations through the year. I prefer to have enough time, be completely happy with the design and add it when it feels best.

To be honest, there are also other reasons for keeping the collection limited. Arctic Flamingo being TINY brand (it`s just me, Inkeri, behind it) there is also no reason to mimic the bigger brands and try to act bigger than Arctic Flamingo really is. I`m free to freestyle and keep Arctic Flamingo small and slow evolving brand if I like it so. Being such a small business, I don`t have the pressure to sell large quantities and keep customers coming back every day/week/month to my online shop. Secondly, I might be creative but I’m not THAT creative that I could develop new leggings designs in a faster process than I do now. I put much care and attention on my work and it would feel crappy to keep design in shop only for a short period of time.

Yoga leggings "Green Bird" are one of our latest designs. Purple Birds (on the right) have been in our collection since 3 years now!

We keep restocking the popular styles

I think if a design is beautiful it is attractive enough to be worn and released all year round. Instead of bringing a new collection, I focus on augmenting the existing collection and bringing back the popular designs. I think a seasonless collection gives you more time to think about purchases and you don’t won’t get the feeling to buy something immediately because of the pressure that your favourite style would disappear soon. We might be often sold out because we manufacture in small batches, but you still don’t need to worry, most of our designs will always come back! We keep restocking our designs for as long as you keep loving them! Of course, during the years I`ve noticed some prints or materials don’t work out and they will be changed, improved or eliminated. Several prints you find in our shop have been in our collection for more than 3 years!

Never overproduced

Thanks to this “freestyle method” of Arctic Flamingo, we don’t have any deadlines to get rid of products and we don’t create any overstock and we don’t have to get rid of out-of-season leggings. Even if we for some reason have to order a larger amount of fabric than our production need, we can continue to use the fabric in the future production runs – it won’t never be “last season’s fabric” and go to waste.

Inkeri from Arctic Flamingo Leggings



Posted by Inkeri, the founder of Arctic Flamingo