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[Unpaid Ad] Most probably you’re wrong! We tested a yoga headstand stool from Siya and made a step-by-step tutorial how to do a headstand with yoga stool. See how to easily and safe try a headstand and read if a headstand chair is a right choise for you.


Have you always wanted to master a headstand but are afraid of falling or injury, or you have some other reason inversions are out of your comfort zone. Headstand stool is developed to make headstands accessible to everyone and without the risk of injury from uncontrollable jumps which most of the yoga beginners tend to do. It’s a tool that evenly distributes the weight across the shoulders and pressure is taken off the neck and spine.

We tested with Michi a headstand chair from Siya Yoga. Why did we choose Siya Yoga and not the market leader FeetUP? We think Siya has made the most sustainable version of a yoga stool: The legs are from FSC-certified wood and the cover made of recycled nylon called Econyl®. What we love the most, ist that the tool is fully made in Germany and behind the product is a small team of 4 from Berlin.

How-to-do-headstand-with-yoga-chair beginners tutorial

How to?

1. Take your hand on the edges of the chair, come up to your knees and place your head into the hole of the pad.
2. Walk your toes as close as you can towards the chair, When you feel ready, press the legs up and bring your knees into the chest.

3. When you find your balance, you can take your feet up towards the sealing (or the sky!) You will notice maintaining balance is much easier than in a classic headstand! Try releasing the head towards the floor. We recommend to place the stool against the wall especially if you are just starting with the inversions. If you still feel nervous have a friend or family member spot you!

What do we think about a headstand stool?

+ A headstand stool is a safe way to get to inversion if you have any kind of neck injuries
+ It’s made of good quality materials and feels sturdy
+ Inverting is the main function of the chair but you can do other asanas with it too. For creative yogis it can offer a great fun to experiment with asanas!

– The tool alone, won’t make the magic happen, you still need to have core strength and have strong arms.
– It’s relatively pricey
– It takes up space to storage
– If you are advanced yogi, we think it won’t get you much further in your practice!

In general, we think a headstand stool won’t replace any traditional headstand practice unless there are medical conditions that prevent you from doing headstands. You can read more about and buy Siya Yoga’s headstand stool here!

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